The coronavirus shock is accelerating structural trends in inequality, globalization, macro policy and sustainability. This is fundamentally reshaping the investment landscape and will key to investor outcomes.
About Topmicro Global

We have been known to give investors the better choice

With over 153,000 investments under our management, $5 billion+ in assets under our administration, over 11 industry awards, we have made Topmicro Global the safe haven for investors who want to trust their financial partner to be capable of helping them reach their financial goals, and in due time, without the fear of disappointments.

Our investors are confident in our ability to make a promise and fulfill that promise. We go beyond our promise to put smiles on the faces of our clients. We have investors from all over the world, who have been with us for over seven years now and counting.

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Topmicro Global

Our Response to COVID-19

During this unprecedented crisis, our conviction in our purpose – to help more and more people experience financial well-being – is stronger than ever. Topmicro Global has taken action to continue delivering for our clients, stay connected with our shareholders, support employee well-being, and provide relief for the communities in which we operate.

Topmicro Global

How you can join us

Here are few easy steps on how you can create an account with us and start investing right away!


Hit the 'OPEN ACCOUNT' button at the top of the page, fill in your details on the page that follows


From your Dashboard, select the Deposit button to choose an investment plan that suits your financial goal


Fund your investment account quickly and easily, using our Bitcoin payment system directly from your wallet


While experiencing the amazing benefits of investing with us, you can also earn bonuses when you refer us to others


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Access analytical market & price data

Our trading systems are setup with the best hands to take trade calls in investments, and we combine this with analytics from our trading robots. With over 140 trading setups and over 300 trading experts working together with our AI-powered software, analyses come in handy, and are doubly checked for accuracy and market timeliness before trades are made.

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Why Choose Topmicro Global

Here’s why thousands of investors trust and invest with Topmicro Global, and why you should, too

Airdrop Ongoing

We are currently holding a series of airdrops to incentivize our new liquidity providers. Stake today to profit from our ongoing airdrop.

Airdrop ends in

Level 1

MIN = $500 15% of Reward Pool

Level 2

MIN = $5000 30% of Reward Pool

Level 3

MIN = $20,000 55% of Reward Pool
Topmicro Global


Choose between individual assets and portfolios to invest and start profiting. See more plans in our Investment Plans


Stake your USDT, BITCOIN, BUSD, LTC...


Daily Profit

  • Minimum Deposit $100.0
  • Maximum Deposit $ $2,999.0
  • Total Profit 14%
  • Withdrawal 4 days


Stake your USDT, BITCOIN, BUSD, LTC...


Daily Profit

  • Minimum Deposit $3,000.0
  • Maximum Deposit $ $7,999.0
  • Total Profit 16%
  • Withdrawal 4 days


Stake your USDT, BITCOIN, BUSD, LTC...


Daily Profit

  • Minimum Deposit $8,000.0
  • Maximum Deposit $ $17,999.0
  • Total Profit 25%
  • Withdrawal 5 days


Stake your USDT, BITCOIN, BUSD, LTC...


Daily Profit

  • Minimum Deposit $18,000.0
  • Maximum Deposit $ $29,999.0
  • Total Profit 27.5%
  • Withdrawal 5 days

Real Estate

Stake your USDT, BITCOIN, BUSD, LTC...


Daily Profit

  • Minimum Deposit $30,000.0
  • Maximum Deposit $ $100,000,000.0
  • Total Profit 30%
  • Withdrawal 5 days

Access more investment options than ever before, not seen anywhere else

We are the new world of investing where you come first and the options are more. Choose among a variety of investment products, and whether to pick a product only or a portfolio. Trade a single asset or invest in a portfolio of assets.

Trade An Asset

We offer various assets ranging from Cryptocurrencies, Real Estate, Cannabis and Forex

Build A Portfolio

We also offer portfolios which allow you to invest in more than one asset class at a time. Portfolios are a great options if you want more.

Topmicro Global

Frequently Asked Questions

How many years has it been functional?

In September 2016 Topmicro Global was opened to public It has been operating since then and had it first IPO in 2018 where they earned USD76million on GDP They started trading for investors on Real estate Cannabis cryptocurrency oil and gas in 2017 Key traders were working since Administration was hired in the early months of the year 2017 to prepare to start accepting investments from individuals

Is this company properly registered?

we are officially registered and well regulated by SEC with the united kingdom company house our company registration number is R2335443

What is Topmicro Global?

Topmicro Global is a company that provides a full investment services focused on the real estate cryptocurrency and cannabis our well trained Realtors earn substantial dividends for her investors upon completion of lifespan we are among the best platform to invest and grow your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency

How long does it take to process my withdrawal?

Once we receive your withdrawal request we process immediately and send to your bitcoin wallet

How do I make a withdrawal?

To make a withdrawal request click the WITHDRAW button at the top center of your account dashboard and input the required details to withdraw

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